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Trade fairs are one of the most important tools in business-to-business communication. The ADITUS blog discusses current findings and observations concerning trade fairs and events – and provides you with exclusive insights about our development process.

  • Exhibitions in Corona times: It’s doable!

    A guest post by Isaac Tejero from MCH Group Currently there is a lot of talk about how fairs have to reorient themselves to account for Coronavirus conditions. At MCH Group, we have decided to take things a significant step further and organized a …
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  • Well-integrated: the ADITUS Visitor Portal

    Our developers are constantly optimizing the ADITUS visitor portal (ak.a. ticket shop), especially for mobile devices. By now, the visitor portal has developed into a full-fledged integration platform. It currently supports four login options (inc. …
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  • Digital Events: A Complement, but not an Alternative

    In the current atmosphere of uncertainty, an increasing number of organizers are considering whether virtualizing their event can be a solution. The answer is a clear “maybe”: How well a trade fair can be virtualized primarily depends on …
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  • New Payment Options for the Visitor Portal

    ADITUS offers three new payment options for its visitor portal: PayPal Express, an enhanced integration of Apple Pay and Klarna Sofortüberweisung (direct bank transfer). The new options are part of the module Payment Solution 2.0. PayPal Express …
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  • 3D Secure 2.0 – The New Standard for Online Shopping

    On 14 September 2019, the so-called Regulatory Technical Standards defined by the European Banking Authority (EBA) will come into force. Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) will be mandatory for all electronic payments. What is the regulatory …
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  • The GDPR Becomes a Force to be Reckoned With

    In May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became German law. The GDPR requires companies to handle their customers’ data with care and demands that they report any data breaches within a maximum of 72 hours. Violations can …
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  • PayPal Express: A Better Social Media Login

    To ensure that visitors get their ticket easily, the Ticket Shop must be as accommodating as possible. The Payment Solution 2.0 introduces PayPal Express, a payment method with two advantages:For ticket buyers, the new option shortens the ordering …
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