ADITUS Social Cards

With ADITUS Social Cards, your visitors become influencers: Using a personalized graphic, participants let their social media contacts know they’re attending your event. This is how your event reaches a whole new audience.

Social Cards are a contemporary form of word-of-mouth marketing. A few clicks are all it takes for registered attendees to post a personalized graphic with an invitation to the event on their favorite social network.

To accomplish this, the social card automatically places the participant’s profile photo into a graphic with your corporate image.

You merely provide a graphic with a placeholder. The rest is handled by the ADITUS Visitor Portal — and your attendees!

How ADITUS Social Cards Work for You

Social Cards are image posts for social networks. Unlike a standard graphic, the organizer only specifies part of the image: The eye-catcher is a portrait of the respective participant.

As organizer, you can freely design the static part of the Social Cards and adapt it to the CI of the event. The dynamic part is automatically filled with the profile picture of the attendee. All participants have to do is to select the network network to which they want to post their personalized Social Card.

If attendees have logged into the visitor portal via a social network, their profile picture is automatically imported from there. If not, they can upload a profile picture as part of the registration process.

Stealth Marketing in Social Networks

Contacts within the social network perceive Social Cards as significantly more personal than conventional sharing links.

Since contacts immediately recognize the face of the participant, Social Cards generate significantly greater attention than any standard graphic.

The results are measurable: Dashboards within ADITUS Web-TERP will show you which of your social media activities are the best performers.

The Social Media Dashboard keeps track of which networks your event is doing particularly well on. You can also immediately see which of the social links provided by your ticket shop are triggering the most invitations.

You can even analyze which attendees are especially active — for instance, to reward or promote their efforts.