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Visitor registration

Every event poses individual challenges – which is why ADITUS develops its products to fit the specific needs of its customers. Our modular system architecture enables us to adapt our products at affordable cost and customize it, if required, to the point of making them unmistakably unique.

What should the perfect registration for a VIP event look like, and how do I register 300,000 visitors for a major event?

Who bought a ticket, when did the visitors register their coupons, how can you register thousands of visitors in a short time at low cost without creating long queues? These are typical questions our customers ask.

ADITUS has developed solutions to answer these questions. All our visitor registration components are directly based on the requirements of the day-to-day event business of customers with vastly different needs. Through continuous further development, the software always remains state-of-the-art and is constantly being expanded to meet new requirements.

As a leading specialist in this field, we are happy to put our know-how at your disposal. You can buy our solutions or rent them on an event basis. We are also happy to support you in event operations.

Ticket POS desk with visitor registration

Our event ticket sales desk: anything but average

Ticketing desks in the entrance area of an event have to be highly efficient. The application must be easy to use, its features must be adjustable to needs of the user and event. Apart from cash payments, the POS desk also needs to accept giro and credit cards as well as coupons. All transactions must lead into accountable cash journals and central, audit-proof reporting.

The ADITUS POS system combines these and many other features. As our POS desks also support clearing and information services, visitors in the entrance area will receive competent answers to all of their questions regarding their tickets.

The user interface of the POS desk can be operated via keyboard and mouse, optionally also by touch screen. Interfaces allow the ADITUS POS system to be integrated into existing entrance control systems.

The ADITUS POS desk has been independently certified to follow German GoDB and KassenSichV auditing rules and regulations (GoBD = Grund­sät­ze zur ord­nungs­mä­ßi­gen Füh­rung und Auf­be­wah­rung von Bü­chern, Auf­zeich­nun­gen und Un­ter­la­gen in elek­tro­ni­scher Form so­wie zum Da­ten­zu­griff; KassenSichV = Kas­sen­si­che­rungs­ver­ord­nung).

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