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Every event poses individual challenges – which is why ADITUS develops its products to fit the specific needs of its customers. Our modular system architecture enables us to adapt our products at affordable cost and customize it, if required, to the point of making them unmistakably unique.

We support all types of ticket media: paper tickets, mobile tickets, NFC, smart cards …

In addition to the further development of barcode and RFID technologies, the internet has a strong influence on ticketing. The wide availability of all kinds of online devices opens up new possibilities for ticket purchases.

Covering a range from paper tickets with barcodes, mobile tickets on smartphones, near field communication to contactless smart cards – ADITUS supports all common ticket media, offers modern interfaces to connect to external systems and is FKM-compliant.

Available ticket types

Flexible ticket types for ticket shop, POS desks and admission systems

The classic way to obtain admission is to buy a ticket at the entrance of an event. Visitors can pay at the POS desks either in cash or by giro/credit card, PayPal or using current NFC-based systems. The tickets’ format and design are adaptable to the organizer and the vendor.

Today, event visitors have additional options to buy tickets at external advance booking offices, order them online or request them by phone to be delivered by mail. Organizers freely determine the rights for specific ticket types.

Home ticketing offers the most convenient way to get an admission ticket. Customers receives a PDF file with the ticket which they can printed out at home, either in color or in black and white.

A mobile ticket turns the smartphone itself into the ticket medium. Mobile tickets save on printing costs and are eco-friendly. They offer customers maximum convenience and flexibility. Visitors use their smartphone or tablet to order their ticket online anywhere and receive their mobile ticket almost immediately.

RFID cards for special IDs

Contactless chip cards with RFID chips meet specific requirements such as honorary or VIP IDs, media access, annual, employee or service IDs in credit card format. The chip can be programmed to suit a specific time and event and can be enhanced with additional information. With RFID cards, doors, gates and other installations can only be opened by authorized persons with the respective card after a successful scan. RFID cards are impervious to dirt and damage. Personal items such as wristwatches, smartphones or key fobs can also be converted into admission tickets with an RFID chip.

Ticket printing

Maximum flexibility and minimum costs with on-site ticket printing

Particularly for smaller trade fairs and events it is advisable to print admission tickets on-site. This allows different types of badges to be conveniently implemented even in small quantities.

On-site printing allows maximum flexibility at minimal cost, as only one badge design has to be printed in advance; customization happens at the time of sale.

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