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Detailed Reporting & Business Intelligence

Every event poses individual challenges – which is why ADITUS develops its products to fit the specific needs of its customers. Our modular system architecture enables us to adapt our products at affordable cost and customize it, if required, to the point of making them unmistakably unique.

The reporting area is where reports from all ADITUS software modules come together. Reports on visitor registration, admission control, sales channels and campaigns make processes efficiently plannable.

Trade shows are marketing tools that are as complex as they are effective. Precise reports are indispensable for adapting events specifically to the needs of exhibitors and visitors.

Reports & Dashboards

  • Pre-event reports reveal exactly the channels through which tickets were sold and identify the most effective which marketing campaigns.
  • During the event, the system records current visitor numbers at the admission terminals – for immediate evaluation and later analysis.
  • After the event, you receive summaries of all relevant data so you can plan the next event based on your previous success.

Dashboards display all key areas of event planning at a glance — including sales, registrations and press credentials. Current ticket numbers and sales can be viewed either in tabular or graphical form and updated at any time.

All captured data is continuously integrated, processed and analyzed in a data warehouse (DWH). This means that the reports and analyses of your reporting modules are always up to date.

Reporting on the Desktop, Smartphone or via E-mail

Reporting is available both through a web app and as a Windows application. Using the web platform, you can access all reports from anywhere at any time, be it on a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Thanks to Responsive Design, the interface flexibly adapts to the display format, depending on the screen resolution and orientation.

Custom queries can be created via drag & drop using a graphical interface, without any SQL knowledge. Reports can also be designed WYSIWYG.

Alternatively, ADITUS can create customized reports for you as a service. Reports can be produced in all common table, graph and chart formats.

Permission Management

The reporting module features consistent rights management. Users can only ever create and view reports from data within their access range.

Rights management extends across all data sets managed in the system — including event information, personal data and addresses.

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