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Admission control

Every event poses individual challenges – which is why ADITUS develops its products to fit the specific needs of its customers. Our modular system architecture enables us to adapt our products at affordable cost and customize it, if required, to the point of making them unmistakably unique.

We have the right solution for every entrance situation: With our wide range of products, ADITUS covers all your needs.

Whether you organize public events, specialized trade fairs, sporting events, garden shows, VIP events or medical congresses: A successful event requires fast, consistent and complete access control while remaining convenient for visitors. Our customers have high – and varied – requirements.

Our comprehensive product portfolio of mobile and stationary access control systems meets these challenges head-on. ADITUS will be happy to advise you on the choice of suitable access control terminals, which can either be purchased or rented on an event-related basis.

All our systems meet the stringent requirements of Germany’s renowned FKM (Society of Voluntary Control of Fair and Exhibition Statistics).

Mobile access control

Take advantage of all the advantages of portable entry terminals with the ADITUS Mobile Supervisor

The ADITUS Mobile Supervisor provides highly flexible electronic access control. Our powerful handhelds are equipped with a robust yet easy-to-use touch screen. These mobile and handy devices withstand adverse conditions such as cold, heat or rain and are well-suited for outdoor use.

For prolonged operation indoors and outdoors, the ADITUS Mobile Supervisor provides two additional important features: a long battery life and unrestricted operability even if the radio connection is interrupted. This makes the handheld a reliable part of admission control.

In addition to checking event tickets, the ADITUS Mobile Supervisor can also be used to track the history of every badge. Staff also have access to other useful features, such as viewing visitor data or annotations stored for a particular visitor.

The ADITUS Mobile Supervisor is an attractive alternative for locations where turnstiles are not suitable for building or financial reasons. No matter whether an event has 500 or 500,000 visitors – with little effort, our mobile devices are quickly ready for use.

You can also rent our mobile admission control units for single events. We would be pleased to advise you on this and to make you a non-binding offer.

Stationary access control

The ADITUS entrance terminal is the ideal solution for events with fixed entrance areas

Our stationary admission terminals are designed in such a way that visitors can use them without any assistance from staff. This saves costs for the organizer, but mainly it saves visitors’ valuable time, since it shortens wait times.

Our admission terminals accept all ticket types, whether digital or on paper. ADITUS products enable you to offer visitors all types of ticket purchase options: standard printed tickets, printouts from home, smartphone-based mobile tickets, RFID and NFC IDs.

The turnstiles of our stationary admission terminals feature a robust stainless steel housing. The rotary arms are motor-assisted and can be folded down when required or in an emergency. Our terminals can be flexibly lined up for specific events and put into operation without having to be bolted to the floor. All they require is a power supply and a network connection.

Trouble-free operation is guaranteed by an integrated uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and unrestricted operability even if the network or radio connection is interrupted. ADITUS stationary admission terminals can be permanently installed in the entrance area. We are also happy to provide stationary entrance terminals from our rental pool as an option.

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