First to Market: ADITUS Integrates Digital Certificates into Registration and Admission

Status: 28. June 2021, 16:05

ADITUS is the first European provider to implement online validation of German and EU vaccination certificates for attendee registration and admission. The “ADITUS G³ Fast Lane” ensures fast admission to trade shows and large events while maintaining Covid safety protocols. Through the seamless integration of digital vaccination, recovery and test certifications, attendees gain immediate access to the live event.

The ADITUS G³ Fast Lane provides organizers with a powerful tool to confidently continue their plans to resume live operations. Digital certificates will be a key factor in ensuring that trade fairs can resume operations with the usual level of visitor comfort.

No definitive conditions have yet been formulated for the relaunch of live trade show operations in the fall. However, health status certifications will clearly have to be an essential part of any implementation. In German, these are commonly referred to as the “Three Gs”, as in “Getestet, Geimpft, Genesen” – Tested, Vaccinated, Recovered – hence “G³ Fast Lane”.

The standardization of the required credentials is progressing at an encouraging pace. Digital vaccination credentials are already available at a German and European level (digital vaccination certificate, EU Green Pass), digital PCR/antigen test credentials have been around for some time, and digital convalescent credentials are going to be available by the end of June.

How the ADITUS G³ Fast Lane Works

Organizers face the challenge of integrating the acquisition of health certificates into trade show operations in a way that does not interfere with on-site admission.

The ADITUS G³ Fast Lane provides several options to meet this goal. If attendees possess a valid digital certificate, they can present it during the online registration process. Alternatively, they can upload their credentials at a later time through the visitor portal.

The visitor portal instantly checks uploaded certificates for validity and verifies that they belong to the registered person. Once verification is complete, the visitor portal activates the ticket so that attendees can use it directly for admission.

As an alternative to online verification, participants can also present their certificate on site. For this purpose, the “Speedy” terminals in the trade show’s entrance area have been enhanced to include the ability to scan digital certificates. Alternatively, on-site personnel can also capture credentials via a wireless handheld scanner. In both cases, verification is immediate.

Analog paper credentials can also be captured by on-site personnel using wireless handheld scanners in order to directly activate the tickets.

ADITUS began to prepare the online certificate verification process several months ago. As specific standards materialized, the corresponding interfaces were implemented across all products. Thus, ADITUS is the first ticketing service provider to offer a seamless integration of digital proofs into trade fair operations.

In the coming months, the implementation will be expanded to include additional certificate types and providers. ADITUS products will be continuously adapted to changing conditions in order to remain up to date.


Since 1998, ADITUS has been developing cutting-edge solutions for visitor registration, ticketing and admission control. ADITUS coordinates the flow of visitors at numerous international events, including major trade and public fairs, conventions and cultural events. The product range is continuously being refined in close cooperation with customers in order to generate visitor growth and open up new digital marketing opportunities for organizers. With over 20 years of experience, ADITUS is the innovation market leader in the ticketing sector.

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